Inspiration Lately | 8-19-14

In the last week I a) bumped into a group of pedestrians with my Jeep, b) hit a post in a gas station parking lot and took out my headlight, c) fell down my front steps and sprained my ankle, d) shattered my cell phone screen, and e) still have not found an apartment in Denver.

Here are the things that are keeping me inspired, anyway.


All mixed everything.


Boots and socks and tights (for when my ankle isn’t the size of an orange).


A darling, handwritten note from the most beautiful friend. My first piece of mail in Denver!


Well-behaved cat children who were troopers through 1200 miles, 27 hours, one crazy Nebraska tornado-rain, and a 4-hour trip to Pep Boys when our Jeep stalled in the middle of the road.


Brain food and 2015 business plans for This Little Space.

IMG_20140815_122107Cutie vintage moccs from PlanetDetroit that showed up just in time for me to wear them to work.


Long, sunny Saturdays spent getting a lot done at Stella’s Coffee Haus.


An unexpected walk around City Park that brought me here.


Skype dates with my best pup, and my mom for hanging on to him until I find a place here.


And frozen peas. All the frozen peas.

What’s keeping you inspired this week?


I Made It

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I’m officially a resident of Denver. I even have a King Soopers card.

It didn’t really hit me until last night, and I’ve been here since Saturday. I’m staying with a friend of my new boss while I search for a new little space to call my own. Last night, she was showing me around her beautiful neighborhood and explaining how all of Denver’s streets run alphabetically or numerically. A perfect street-and-alley grid system. She showed me where her free recycling bin was, and the dumpster she and her neighbors share.

“So you all split the cost?” I asked. In Michigan, everyone has their own trash can, and you pay to have it picked up each week.

“No, it’s paid for by our taxes. The city provides it. It’s free.” She explained.

“God, I want to live in Denver.” I said.

We both laughed as I realized that I do, indeed, live in this magical city of free trash pick-up, recycling, and beautifully organized streets.

I’m so excited to fall more in love with Denver every day, and even more ecstatic to find my next little space.

Stay tuned!




Inspiration Lately | 7-29-14

Only 8 full days are between me and my move from Michigan to Colorado. My life is a complete disarray of pizza, packing tape, and trips to Goodwill. Here are some things that are keeping me inspired.


This “Renter’s Guide to Moving Cross Country” and it’s wonderful checklists.


A shirt perfect for moving boxes and car sleeping.


Fringe boots that make my soul happy.


Turquoise earrings for less than $10, pinned by one of my favorite Pinners.

Mismatched things and beach wood in the bedroom.


Lofty spaces that make me believe in my ability to live in a less than 500 square foot studio in Denver (once I find one).

Skeleton key tattoo inspiration, because “the key to change is letting go of fear” and I think I might need a daily reminder of that in the next few weeks. and all her wonderful blogging tips  & tricks. Seriously – she is a guru.

An actual real person who moved her 3 cats across the country, and lived to pin about it.

And all the love & support from my co-workers, who have made moving to Denver the hardest decision of my life.


If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been away from This Little Space for the past two weeks, it isn’t because I gave up on my love of power tools or didn’t have any inspiration lately. It’s because my life became a whirlwind of driving/flying to Denver, waiting for phone calls, and obsessively checking my email every 5 minutes.

But now, I can officially share with you…


I could not be more excited to be a future resident of the amazing Mile-High City. Or to join the team at Candid Culture, where I’ll be working as a Business Manager for the fabulously hilarious author and motivational speaker Shari Harley.

This was obviously not an easy choice for me, because I’m totally in love with my current job at Kids’ Food Basket. I mean – world’s greatest team EVER. Seriously. I literally could not love my co-workers more. They have been watching, totally bewildered, as I cry in the bathroom and at my desk all week. I’m also super sad to be leaving my current little space, and the little space I’ve found in Grand Rapids. It’s been so good to me.

But even though it’s hard to go, I know it’s the right move for me. Denver makes me feel alive, and in a way I can’t explain, more like myself. I’m always full of words and writing inspiration when I’m there. And the opportunity to work alongside an author, and her amazing team, is the right move for me.

I’m so excited to find my next little space in Denver, and to make the city my own.

Thanks for your support and reading of This Little Space so far!

More good things to come,